How can I get information about hotels and accommodation in Setúbal?

What kind of music will I be able to hear at EXIB Música?

The entire range of Iberoamerican music will be coming together at EXIB Música. It aims to be a platform for all the artists who have not had the chance to be promoted internationally in Europe.

What kind of companies will be coming to EXIB Música?

EXIB Música will be hosting management companies, promoters, festivals, venues, record labels, distributors and music publishers. Experts, academics, artists, governmental and non-governmental cultural institutions from Latin America and Europe will also be getting together.

I’m a private company. How can I contribute to EXIB Música?

If you want to take part in EXIB Música as a sponsor or collaborator, please get in touch with the marketing department at: marketing@EXIBmusica.com.

I work in the music industry sector and I want to put on a display at the EXIB Música market: what do I have to do?

Please, click this link sorely How to put on a stand at EXIB Música.

I want to attend EXIB Música as an academic expert, promoter, publisher, festival, distributor, venue owner or artist. How can I register?

You will have to send your details to I’m a Professional.

What does EXIB Música offer me compared with other fairs?

A great debate: Music as a Social and Economic development tool with the participation of specialists from Latin America that will lead to strategic plans, manifestos and conclusions that will be a benchmark on the international scene of Latin American music. There will also be presentations of bands, workshops, exhibitions and a market area as a meeting point for the professionals who are attending.

What is EXIB Música?

EXIB Música is the First Professional Platform specialising in Latin American music in Europe.