How to put on a stand at EXIB Música

The professional pavilion is the EXIB area where music industry agents, companies, agencies, institutions, festivals, independent producers and many more will be able to get together. This space will form the hub of the exchange of goods and services, where the direct activities that will help to stimulate the economy in the sector will take place.

Cost: 300€ + IVA

Second delegate 25% discount on professional accreditation: € 63.75 + IVA





Si quieres EXPONER en un corner, sigue los pasos a través del siguiente formulario.


Hiring policy with EXIB Música 2017.

  1. Payments must be made in EUROS.
  2. Net prices are given. The corresponding tax 21% will be added to these prices.
  3. Payments will be made by PayPal. Cheques will NOT be accepted.
  4. The reservation of space will be valid when the form has been submitted correctly filled in and payment has been made.
  5. Any cancellation must be in writing. Refunds will be given minus 20% for administrative costs.
  6. No refunds will be given after the May 10th.