EXIB Música presents
the szukam dziewczyny z japonii EXIB Award
for Ibero-American music,
an initiative that seeks to recognize the contribution made to Ibero- American music, taking into account the premises that inspire the contents of EXIB Música: Impulso. Commitment · Diversity · Identity.

This first edition will take place in the context of the V edition of Expo EXIB Música, in the city of Setúbal, Portugal, and will be dedicated to the homage of two very distinct personalities from the Ibero- American music:

Mercedes Sosa and José Afonso



Dedicated to musicians and projects that foster the cultural coexistence of the musical diversity of Ibero-America.

Manuel Obregón López, is a composer, producer and key figure of Central American culture. He was Minister of Culture of Costa Rica and founded the Papaya Music label to project the sounds of his region. His capacity as an instrumentalist and researcher allowed him to lead collective projects such as the Orquesta del Río Infinito, which synthesized his environmental and multicultural message.


Dedicated to artists that stimulate the musical links, the rescue of traditions and accompany projects of other artists.

Benjamin Taubkin, is a pianist, arranger, and composer. His piano connected the musical traditions of Brazil with the cultures of Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. He is considered a reference

for independent musical management at the global level and is a mentor of collective projects with other artists. Benjamin is one of those silent and essential teachers of music.


Dedicated to an artist of the selection of showcases that participate in the V Edition of EXIB Música 2019.

This artist will be selected by the Executive Board of the EXIB Music Organization in collaboration with a representative of REDPEM.

The Portuguese group SEIVA received the EXIB AWARD in the category IMPULSE 2019


Dedicated to an Ibero-American independent artist who has stood out between 2018 and 2019.

This artist will be selected by REDPEM – Ibero-American Music Journalist Network

The EXIB AWARD Category ARTIST OF THE YEAR was received by the Venezuelan group C4 TRIO.

Its members are Edward Ramirez, Hector Molina, Jorge Glem and Rodner Padilla.

The artists selected in the categories IMPULSO and ARTIST OF THE YEAR will receive a Scholarship for the Berklee Global Career Summit 2020.

The honorific jury of REDPEM is made up of:

Diego Londoño, Humprey Inzillo, Enrique Blanc, Luisa Piñeiros, Gabriela Robles, Betto Arcos, Gabriel Plaza, Jaime Monsalve.

Gabriel Plaza · Periodista · Musical Curator
EXIB AWARD’s Advisor for Ibero-American music


The statuette for the EXIB Prize, for Ibero-American popular music, is inspired by the Chakana, Cruz del Sur or Cruz Andina, symbol from which the graphic image of EXIB Música is inspired.  The Chakana is an aboriginal symbol from the indigenous peoples of the central Andes. It has an age higher than 4,000 years. It is mainly linked to

the cosmography, in this case corresponding to the sky of the southern hemisphere, whose visual and symbolic axis is marked by the constellation of the Southern Cross, called Chakana in ancient times, and whose name is applied to the Cruz Escalonada Andina.


The Statuette of the EXIB Prize for Ibero-American music is presented by the Uruguayan visual artist Oscar García Da Rosa.
Oscar García DaRosa was born in Artigas, Uruguay. He studied painting, drawing and graphics arts in Brazil with the artists Katie Van Sherpemberg, Luiz Aquila, Israel Pedrosa, and Ana Maria Maiolino.


The Otxarki project begins
as a response to the need for employment to the alumni of
the Otxarkoaga Professional School, as well as people from other collectives, mainly from the Otxarkoaga neighborhood itself, or from places and institutions in the surroundings.

These are their three main goals:

1. To support personal and social integration for young people in a situation of exclusion.

2. Carry out all kinds of actions aimed at the promotion of employment.

3. Participate and coordinate with different entities that promote efforts to create jobs.

info: http://proyectootxarki.com/