Portuguese folk sensation SEIVA will be performing at EXIB Musica 2019. The showcase will be held in the Mainstage at Praça do Bocage in Setúbal, thursday the 13th of June at 23h00.

* * *

Seiva started their career in 2014 with the goal of making a musical project totally based on the Portuguese oral tradition. Heirs of Dazkarieh, Vasco Ribeiro Casais and Joana Negrão brougth to Seiva their will to explore even further the Portuguese traditional music. They wanted to create a band that that sought the deepest Portuguese roots. A Portuguese soul present in the work songs, in the pilgrimages, in the adufes and tambourines, in the songs of faith and in instruments such as the cavaquinho, viola braguesa and portuguese bagpipes. Using everything and mixing it with its original themes, with electronics and electricity, without modesty or purity, bringing all this rurality to the urban habitat of the members of the group and trying to make this whole culture renew and show itself to the World.

.In their first album they explored the most hidden musical tradition of Beira-Baixa mixing it with their own experiences and with their original songs. During the same year they did a series of concerts in venues and festivals in Portugal, showing the songs of the album and proving that in concert Portuguese culture finds echoes in the ears of the audience. They make their first show at the João Mota Theater in Sesimbra with a full house in January 2015, then follows some show in venues like Forum Romeu Correia in Almada, Forum José Figueiredo in Baixa da Banheira and in some clubs like Popular Alvalade and Sabotage Club in Lisbon, Cinema -Incrivel in Almada, Salão Brazil in Coimbra and Espaço Imaginário in Évora. They also performed in some Festivals, such as the “Oeiras Crescendo” Festival, “Há Festa na Aldeia” in Alcácer do Sal, “International Festival of Giants” in Pinhal Novo, “Festival Salva a Terra” in Salvaterra do Extremo, “Festival I Burro IL Geiteiro” in Trás-os-Montes, “Festa do Avante”, among others.

In May 2016 Seiva has been nominated for one of the most important European Folk awards – FolkHebst in Germany, which has already awarded names such as Garmarna, Berrogüetto, Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Dreamers’Circus and others.

Seiva, a trio who only uses portuguese traditional instruments and who combines them with electricity and electronics, make the Portuguese roots gain a whole new meaning.

(…)” Vocal creativity and poetic flair ( Negrão has the gift). (…) listeners conditioned to equate Portugal exclusively with Fado will find compelling evidence to the contrary in the resplendent musical heartbeat that is Seiva”. Michael Stone – FRoots (UK)

(…)”beautifully crafted sound tapestry of Portuguese Bagpipes, tambourine, viola braguesa, adufe and cavaquinho”. Gonçalo Frota in Songlines (UK)

(…)” The music is not sad and melancholic, but lush and exuberant. Joana Negrão is an awesome vocalist”. Tom Keller in Folkworld ( DE)

(…)” oica-se Seiva com a urgência das coisas inadiáveis e deixe-se correr a seiva com que as suas canções nos vivificam, revitalizam”. Armando Carvalheda- Antena 1 ( PT)

(…)” Seiva – música tradicional portuguesa mas com um pó de modernidade.” Nuno Rogeiro – Sic Noticias (PT)

(…)” uma maior “portugalidade instrumental” com Vasco Casais a ir mais longe na exploração sónica de instrumentos tradicionais portugueses como o cavaquinho e a viola braguesa, (…) é evolução com certeza.” António Pires – Blitz (PT)

(…)” der einfallsreiche Gitarrist Vasco Ribeiro Casais und die starke Sängerin Joana Negrão. (…) Folk auf der Hohe der Zeit, mit starken Melodien und noch besseren Arrangements, regional verankert”. Christian Rath – Folker (DE)