Showcases 2019

Anna Ferrer



Anna Ferrer: Lead singer
Guillem Aguilar: Strings (Base and Mandolin)
Didac Fernandez: Percussion and SPD
Panxi Baddi: Electronics

This project harbors Ana Ferrers own melodies while showcasing her musical and personal process over the last two years; including lyrics and a song from when she was 14 years old.

Anna looks for her earthly existence, the natural one, the one closest to those folkloric vibes from Menorca, and although she has not focused specifically on the academic aspect of her music, she has rather based herself on Tel-uricas musicians natural born melodical expertise. It is clear the mediterranean character that her band breathes into each of their songs. Tel-urica wants to be towards music, what Ana wants to be towards life. Her songs pass through the deepness, the connection to the planet, the celebration, reflection, spirituality, the joyful games, love and sensuality.

Cuarteto Kare




Diego Petrelli (1st Tenor, Lead Guitar, SFX)
Julian Cerdan (2nd Tenor)
Gianni Iazzetta (Baritone)
Mauricio cuesta (Bass)

The male vocal quartet Karé was born in the city of Rosario, Argentina. Their origins date back to 2010 where they started their artistic career through the pop music genre. Kare has approached their music with a special emphasis on the importance of their voices which they fine tune using sound effects. They place at the forefront the poetic messages described in their usage of words. They are accompanied solely by one guitar. In recent years of hard work Karé has recorded two CDs (“Cantando Kare” and in the year 2012 “Cuando la lucha es el canto” in the year 2016) they launched both CDs in various parts of the country. Each CD has a particular ring, rhythm and interpretation by Karé, thus giving them a fresh new attitude.  Kare has participated in the largest festivals around the country and with each a special mention towards their live concerts; In the year 2018 they performed in Cosquin while receiving an honorary mention by the festivals production for their excellent reception by the public and the great outcome of their show.




Nahuel Jofré (Lead voice and guitarrón)
Matías Gorordo (Percusion)
Facundo Merelo (Guitar and back up voice)
Ezequiel Sandoval (Guitar)

NAHUEL JOFRE is a musician, composer and singer from San Carlos (Mendoza, Argentina). His songs have a folkloric vibe to them and are classified within the genres that were created in the provinces of Argentina: These musicians are called the Nueva Canción Nacional, of which Nahuel is a key member. It is describes as: “Folklore taken to the start of the 21 century”. Music with a strong identity accompanied by regional folklore mixed with “cuyana”; which is, traditional music all the while looking to create and renovate.

Trío Ventana



Band members Trio Ventana:

Nicolás Ibarburu – Guitar and Guitarron
Hernán Peyrou: Keyboard, Accordion and guitar
Martín Ibarburu: Bombo Legüero, crate y plates.

Trio ventana is a band composed of three uruguayan musicians with a long and important role within Uruguay and its various regions. :They are: Nicolas Ibarburo, Martin Ibarburu and Hernan Peyrou. The drumkit, the guitar and the keyboards of the Peyrou  and the Ibarburu brothers and have played alongside musicians of the likes of: Jaime Roos, Ruben Rada, Fernando Cabrera, Hugo Fattoruso, Spinetta, Luis Salinas, Ana Prada, ect. Peyrou and the Ibarburu brothers created Trio ventana while self producing and making songs. The music of Trio Ventana travel in between different genres like jazz, candombe, and folkloric genres of rural origin like milongas and zamba. The band posses a musical branding based on their acoustic sounds in 2017 they edited their first cd called “Amigo imaginario” in the Viyacce studio; this CDwas nominated at the Graffiti awards as the “best album of candombe fusion”. The CD was conceived in summer of 2017 at Cabo Polonio, an iconic place on the uruguayan coast where no cars or electricity were available.

Pulsos del Viento




Band Members:
Luis Ramón Alberto Pizarro
Nelson Damián Soto
Ailiñ Huangulen Cariman Mellico

Pulsos del viento is a musical trio that enjoys playing and researching diverse folkloric melodies, especially the musical genres originated off the coasts of Peru and towards the northern region of Argentina. They leave their own mark on each genre, all the while respecting the origins: thus reinterpreting each song in their own way. They compliment their study with dancing, in addition giving a well thought and holistic cultural experience.




The powerful and marvelous Ana Prada has soared her career during the last few years. Meanwhile, she has gifted us with dozens of music filled nights while playing alongside Uruguayan and Argentinian greats such as: Liliana Herrero, Leon Gueco, Jorge y Daniel Drexler, Lisandro Aristimuño, Samantha Navarro and Fernando Cabrera, with whom she has shared the stage with.

A fortunate re-encounter with her friend and producer Carlos Casacuberta motivated her to dive into her poetry by creating contrasts between two apparently opposite worlds: the rural against the urban, America vs. Europe, the sea and the “Tierra adentro” as she herself calls it. The end of this journey is in the album “Soy Sola”, edited in 2007 in Uruguay (Girasola) and in Argentina (Los años luz). It has been showcased in full house arenas like the Zitarrosa of Montevideo or the Trastienda in Buenos Aires. Ana Prada’s “Soy Sola” has been awarded with three nominations to the Graffiti 2007 awards, (Breakthrough of the Year, Best Solo, Best producer of the year to Carlos Casacuberta), as well as a nomination to the Gardel awards in 2007 and was classified by Rolling Stone magazine as best new album of 2007. In 2008 the record label, “Factoria Autora” re-edits her CD in Spain and Ana Prada starts to dedicate her time, her music and her expertise next to important artists like: Miguel Rodrigañez, Sebastian Merlin, Marina Sorin o Matias Cella.

Susana Travassos



Susana Travassos – Lead Singer.

Jow Ferreira – Guitar
Giovanni Barbieri – Piano
Bruno Silva – Viola
Hugo Fernandes – Violincello
Maria João – Second Violin
Francesco Valente – Double Bass
Sebastian Scherrif – Percussion

The portugues singer Susana Travassos, has made a name for herself within the prestigious latin american music scene. She has influenced and created a fan base, won admirers and earned respect from the press. While she was living in Brasil, she performed with the likes of musicians such as: Chico Cesar, Yamandu Costa, Zeca Baleiro, Chico Saraiva, Chico Pinheiro y Toninho Horta. Susana Travssos third CD is called “Passaro Palabra”; her first solo CD recorded in Buenos Aires. This project counts with her own compositions and also various un-edited songs from: Luis Sobral, Melody Gardot y Mili Vizcaino. With her modern contemporary sounds, her own identity that joins her music, the tango and the Latinamerican melodies, have created in Susana a symbiosis that is expressed through the language of jazz. Her CD is a portrait of her musical maturity and without a doubt positions Susana into one of the main great portugues singers of her generation.

Caña Dulce y Caña Brava




This artistic project emphasizes the femenine sensitivity and brings forward new ways of interpreting the “Son Jarocho”. The group offers their public a defined sound throughout the voices of the female members of their group. Thus, making new music rooted in genre that has mostly been interpreted by male vocals.

Using traditional instruments like the “harp”, the “jaranas”, “quijada” and “the tarima”. Likewise, using traditional clothing and lyrics that evoke nature. The public will be treated to an array of nuances, colors and textures that bring forth an encounter with Mexico’s cultural roots.

Within the members of the group you may find mentioned interpreters and heirs to their traditional music; They themselves have dedicated to spreading and protecting the sotavento veracruzano culture for decades. “Caña Dulce y Caña Brava”  has represented Mexico in big forums and international festivals in Latinamerica, United States, Canada, Asia and Europe.




Harp player and national composer, Juanjo has managed to win various prizes as best interpreter in various national festivals; such as the Festival del Takuare’e and the Paraguayhaicha Festival. In his permanent search to innovate and adapt paraguayan music to modern times he alongside master composer nicolas Caballero have integrated their musical language intro new techniques.

Juanjo has performed on many different stages in many countries, such as: Argentina, Brasil, Chile, England, Scotland, Gales, France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Serbia, Hungary. Currently he is leading his new musical project called: “Juanjo Corbalan Cuarteto”.
The project brings forth and harbors the melodies of popular paraguayan music, combining various elements of paraguayan instrumental music and its traditional rhythms. A strong influence of latinamerican jazz incorporated into traditional paraguayan music and specially folkloric instruments, such as the harp; thus creating a very free and liberating new music genre. This bands members are Esteban Godoy on the keyboards, Seba Ramirez on the drums, Lara Barreto on the high saxophone and Juanjo Corbalan on the harp.

Diabo a Sete



Celso Bento – Flutes and Bagpipe
Eduardo Murta – Bass
Luísa Correia – guitar
Miguel Cardina – Drum kit
Pedro Damasceno – Bandolin, cavaquinho, concertina and a  low whistle
Sara Vidal – Lead Voice, Celtic harp, Galician tambourine

Diabo a Sete is a portugues folk band who was born in Coimbra in the year 2003. Their discography includes their first CD Parainfernalia (2007). Their last CD is called “Disco Antena 1” and counts on the participation of Carlos Guerreiro from “Gaiteros de Lisboa”. He is featured in two of their songs. “Disco Antena 1” was considered by Antonio Pires, a music critic, as one of the best portugues albums of 2011.

The groups members are Celso Bento ( in the flute and bagpipes), Eduardo Murta (Bass), Hugo Natal da Luz (Percussion), Sara Vidal (Voz), Julieta Silva (voice, accordion and concertina), Luisa Correia (acoustic guitar), Miguel Cardina (Drumkit) and Pedro Damasceno (Cavaquinho, Bandolin, accordion and flutes).

In 2006 they won the national championship of Eurofolk. Likewise, they have participated in multiple international festivals mostly participating in the world music category.