EXIB Música Ciudad

As part of the parallel sessions of the International Conference “Connecting Creative Ecosystems” we present: Musical Management and City.

Collaborating with CIMAC (Comunidade Intermunicipal do Alentejo Central).

Teatro Garcia de Resende.


This conference seeks to explore the development of the relationship between Music Management and City and the impact on Creative Economies.

About following premises: Cities as great creative manifestations of the human being in the search of reaching objectives that identify us as a rational, emotional and social species.

Music management as a constant process of change in contact with traditional forms and new technologies and also as a vehicle of creation, diffusion and circulation of music as a resource for the formation of values that promotes reactions and generates perceptions beyond the visual image.

The interaction between music management and cities to design collaborative formulas generating: Collaborative Work + International Promotion of Cultural Tourism + Support for the consolidation of the local creative ecosystem + Promote the exchange of Diversity and communication of these cultures = Important impact on local socio-economic growth and creative economies.


The Bureau will be composed of:

ENRIQUE GLOCKNER – Expert in Creative Cities (Mexico)
EDUARDO BAVOROVSKY – Deputy Director of Culture of the City of Santa Fe (Argentina)
EDUARDO LUCIANO – Councilor of Culture City of Évora (Portugal)
LUIS GARCÍA – Cultural Advisor City of Évora (Portugal)
ADRIANA PEDRET – Director EXIB Música (Moderator)